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Noah Holtgraves

Noah Holtgraves is a data journalist at Trips to Discover, where he utilizes his expertise in analyzing extensive datasets to derive significant implications and subtle differences in the hospitality industry that he presents in an easily understandable manner. He joined the team in June 2021 and has since been instrumental in creating insightful travel data reports. Noah completed his master's in journalism entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado, where he resided in Denver for five years before moving to New Mexico in 2022. He grew up in rural Indiana and developed a passion for travel from exploring over half of the United States and several countries, including France, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Czechia. Before joining Trips to Discover, Noah worked as a freelance writer in Real Estate Housing Market Analysis technical report writing. His educational background in economics and journalism and his aptitude for data analytics and writing helped establish him as a data journalist. Despite being new to the field, Noah's work has gained recognition from major media outlets like CNBC, NBC, Yahoo!, MSN, and numerous local news channels. He specializes in analyzing the hospitality, airline, rental car, and financial services industries to provide readers with research-based travel guides and advice. When he's not exploring algorithms to uncover the best travel destinations or creating reports on long-term travel trends, Noah enjoys exploring the hidden outdoor gems of New Mexico.

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